When you are searching for insurance for yourself, your family or your business, it is important to understand insurance vocabulary to aid you in making a wise decision in which coverage fits your needs. At David B. Crother Health Insurance Broker, we understand that choosing a quality policy can be a complicated task for those outside of the insurance industry. While our insurance specialists are eager to find you the best insurance within your budget, we feel that it is our job to clarify certain terms you may encounter. Contact us today for insurance options in Yuba City, CA (530) 674-1098!

Here are the top 8 insurance terms you should know:

  1. Premium: Your premium is the amount you are required to pay, which are typically paid in monthly installments.
  2. Deductible: Before your plan starts to pay out for healthcare expenses, your deductible is the amount you are required to pay.
  3. Coinsurance: The percentage of coinsurance is your share of the bill for rendered services. However, coinsurance will not be applied until after you have met your deductible.
  4. Co-pay: In your policy, there will be defined co-pays for various services and visits, such as for a primary care visit.
  5. Out-of-pocket maximums: This term refers to the maximum out-of-pocket expenses you will be required to pay, which include co-pays, coinsurance and your deductible.
  6. In-network: The selected doctors you can visit without incurring extra charges or co-pays are those within your network. If you choose a doctor or healthcare professional that is not on your designated list for in-network providers, you will be responsible for a significant portion or the entire bill depending on the service received.
  7. HMO: With this type classification for an insurance plan, also known as a Health Management Organization, you are required to choose a primary doctor, whom will be your source for referrals to other doctors and specialists.
  8. PPO: Different from an HMO, an insurance plan that has Preferred Provider Organizations (PPO) allows you to pick different doctors and contact specialists within your network without a referral.

To ensure you have the best quality insurance plan at a price that falls within your budget, your only option is work with a highly trained and extensively experienced insurance expert. At David B. Crother Health Insurance Broker in Yuba City, CA, we provide you with comprehensive assistance with finding the perfect plan for you, your family or your business. From researching top products to navigating the underwriting process, the David B. Crother Health Insurance Broker team works tirelessly to keep you informed while securing an insurance solution that meets your needs and finances. Contact our friendly staff by calling 530-674-1098 and let us show you how much you can save by working with David B. Crother Health Insurance Broker!